Welcome to 8 Dyer Hotel

Our bed and breakfast in Provincetown, MA is a haven of serenity for body and mind.
You are only steps from Provincetown’s best shopping, scenic seashore and lively night life.
A chef-owned petite hotel, we offer a full gourmet breakfast and comfortable rooms beside relaxing amenities like our pool and indoor Jacuzzi.  

We are known for our refined and mindful personalized service.

Massage On-Site

We are happy to offer massage therapy by our resident specialist, Kevin Johnson, as a special add-on service for our guests this winter season!  Kevin is an experienced massage therapist with many years of experience working in Provincetown. He is dedicated to providing quality therapeutic massage and educating people on overall wellness. Kevin has succeeded in building an efficient private practice while working alongside other massage therapists. Kevin has established and maintained excellent client relationships that ensure a higher number of repeat clientele. He has also instructed clients in proper care and has helped these individuals take steps to improve and maintain their health.

Kevin is available to provide massage on-site to guests of 8 Dyer Hotel on weekends this spring.  Guests of 8 Dyer will receive a discount off of Kevin’s already reasonable rates.  You can book by emailing us at info@8dyer.com.



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